About Monona Lawn

Cleaning up the landscaping industry one lawn at a time.

Monona Lawn and Landscaping was founded to help reduce the carbon emissions generated by maintaining your yard. In fact, the EPA found nearly 5% of our yearly emissions come from mowing the lawn. By building the cost of carbon offsets into our services, we can actually remove more carbon than our business produces!

We offer a variety of landscaping services to make your home look beautiful year-round. We are committed to making sure you can still enjoy your lawn, while reducing its environmental impact at the same time.

Creating Great Jobs

Monona Lawn and Landscaping is committed to creating great jobs for the local community. We believe in treating our staff right which means we’re an understanding employer that provides above average wages. We believe anyone working for our team should be able to afford their family’s needs, while also having enough money left over at the end of every month to save for the future!

Data Driven

We believe every plan should be driven by data to help us make the most informed decisions. That includes our lawn care and landscaping services, which are informed by individualized soil tests and mapping data. We don’t treat every yard the same way because every yard is as unique as the family living there! If you would like a personalized lawn or yard care plan to follow on your own, be sure to contact our team for more information. Even if we can’t serve you directly, we aim to help inform the community and decrease our landscaping carbon footprint together.

Our Founder

Alex Rogers, found of Monoa Lawn and Landscaping, showing a soil profile from one of his lawn care clients in Madison, WI.

Monona Lawn and Landscaping was founded by Alex Rogers in 2022. Alex had worked in landscaping and lawn services since he was a kid, but in 2019 he graduated University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Soil Science.

From carbon emissions to excessive soil tillage, Alex’s education helped provided him with an intimate understanding of the environmental issues facing the landscaping industry.

Seeing these problems as an opportunity to improve the industry, Alex decided to start Monona Lawn and Landscaping. He aims to expand the company in its first year and reinvest profits in additional green equipment and initiatives. Some of his major goals include: initiating a local composting system to supply some of Monona Lawn’s landscaping supplies, retrofitting used mowers with battery power supplies, & designing landscapes to help reduce flooding.